Writer and teacher Jim Cullinane  blends original stories, songs, music, media and mild mayhem together into digital GoodieBooks – making exciting new ways to entertain and engage children in reading, learning and technology.

New Bump Cover

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Fresh and fun stories, lively language, colourful characters, singalong songs and other relevant interactive features like sound effects, videos, quizzes and puzzles are all designed to entertain and engage children in reading.

GoodieBooks are first and foremost a book, rather than a game or app that can tend to distract children from the story at hand.  They are built around strong stories with the interactive features carefully designed to enhance and extend the text and make the most of the medium.

Jim often uses GoodieBooks in class as a refreshing change from the usual reading material. Put up on the big screen, the stories are fun to read together and they also teach digital literacy skills that children can bring to their own storytelling, either in the classroom or home. Like all good eBooks, they complement rather than compete with paper books.

Our latest GoodieBook is “Farmer Bump is a Terrible Grump”.

It’s written by Jim Cullinane and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Susie McKinstry.

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Free Download on iTunes Click Here

Free Download on iTunes – Click Here





BiGeBooks are our range of interactive eBooks purpose built with a strong literacy focus for shared reading with children.

By reading books together, a teacher or parent can model good literacy skills such as pronunciation, expression and discuss language features with the children as they read.

Like traditional paper BIG books used in class, BiGeBooks have colourful characters and vibrant language full of rhythm, rhyme & repetition.

With strong stories and gentle humour, they are a joy to read aloud and share, with the addition of exciting interactive features that only digital books can provide.

Children can discover a host of hidden language features by simply tapping on words and there’s also optional narration, sound effects, music and videos with embedded activities, games and puzzles to further engage children and encourage independent reading.

For a limited time you can download a full, free copy of the “Who’s Who in the Zoo?” BiGeBook by tapping on the image above.


DIY webDigital Storytelling Workshops in Schools

Kahuna Education runs Digital DIY workshops in schools to help children become better digital storytellers.

Jim Cullinane is a registered primary school teacher runs iPad workshops for children from new entrant to year 8.made for iPads

Songlabs – songwriting, recording and music production using Garageband on the iPad (from making a rap song and video about the habitat of the Kiwi with Y1s, to writing and recording a new school song with seniors). It’s an empowering blend of music, creativity and literacy where children don’t need to play an instrument to write their own songs.

• Movielabs show how to make better videos and animation using iMovie, Cute Cut, iMotion, iStopmotion etc.

• How to make interactive eBooks – from Book Creator through to iBooks Author (this is Free but requires a Mac computer).

Jim also tailors PD workshops for busy teachers on simple (and often free) digital storytelling apps:

Please feel free to browse through the website and get in contact with Jim to find out more.