Jim Cullinane makes fresh and fun songs into interactive digital stories to entertain and engage primary school kids with reading, music and media.

As a primary school teacher, Jim was looking for new ways to interest children in reading and discovered simple interactive media such as sound effects and quizzes gave lots of kids the much needed hook into a story, especially for reluctant readers.

So he began writing stories and songs and taught himself how to make animations, eBooks and iBooks.

He now promotes this Digital DIY approach in schools with performances and workshops on many creative iPad apps to make music, videos and eBooks for  children and their teachers.

Our children don’t need to be just good iPad users – they can be great iPad creators too.

Digital DIY is about discovering exciting new ways to engage children in reading, writing, learning and technology.

DIY webDigital Storytelling Workshops in Schools

Kahuna Education runs Digital DIY workshops in schools to help children become better digital storytellers.

With over a dozen iBooks published, two music CDs and a former life working in film, TV and advertising, teacher Jim Cullinane is well placed to demonstrate and model the process of creating digital stories.

He runs iPad workshops for primary school children on a range of creative apps including:made for iPads

Songlabs – songwriting, recording and music production using Garageband on the iPad (from making a rap song and video about the habitat of the Kiwi with new entrants through to writing and recording a new school song with seniors). It’s an empowering blend of music, creativity and literacy where children don’t need to play an instrument to write their own songs.

• Movielabs show how to make better videos and animation using iMovie, Green Screen, Animation, iMotion, iStopmotion etc.

• How to make interactive eBooks – using Book Creator through to iBooks Author and widget creation using Hype.

• Augmented reality apps like Aurasma

Jim also tailors PD workshops on all the apps above for busy teachers.

Please feel free to browse through the website and get in contact with Jim to find out more.