Dive into Digital Storytelling

Hi and welcome to Kahuna Kidsongs.

As a primary school teacher, Jim Cullinane discovered making up funny stories with silly sound effects, accents and music hooks kids into a story and gets them engaged with reading and language.

So, with a typical Kiwi DIY approach, he began writing children’s stories and songs and learning how combine all these fun features into interactive digital stories.

This meant recording songs and silly sounds, making marvellous movies, and thinking of other ways kids can dig into the stories past the printed page.

Over the years Jim has written and published numerous interactive GoodieBooks for iPads (available on iTunes) and has many kids songs on Spotify and Bandcamp etc.

They are all proudly indie and homespun tales, complete with happy accidents,  hand made puppets and props, stuffed toys and wonderful illustrations by local artists.

The emphasis is on making Digital DIY fun – showing kids ways to make their own media as well, rather than super slick production values.

As Kahuna Kidsongs, Jim performs interactive shows and runs iPad Labs in schools and libraries,

promoting iPads as tools – not just toys,

using music, video, animations and more to help our kids become great iPad creators – not just great iPad consumers!

Please get in touch with Jim for more info on digital storytelling, concerts or iPad Labs via the contact form below