Kahuna Kidsongs

Kahuna Kidsongs make fresh and fun, family-friendly storysongs for primary school children.

A mild-mannered teacher by day, Jim Cullinane spends his nights concocting strange stories, silly sounds and toe-tapping tunes into interactive iBooks with improbable plots, crazy characters, sing-along songs and maybe a little learning on the way.

As a primary school teacher, Jim was looking for new ways to interest children in reading and discovered simple interactive media such as sound effects and quizzes gave lots of kids the much needed hook into a story, especially for reluctant readers.

So he began writing stories and songs and taught himself how to make animations, eBooks and iBooks. He now promotes this Digital DIY approach in schools, libraries and events with live music performances and iPad Labs to help children make music, songs, videos and eBooks for their own digital Stories.

Our latest song is I’m NOT Listening!!

 Click on the images below to listen to the songs and watch the videos:

Ahoy Mateys and welcome to a tale of woe and disco!
Climb aboard the Lazy Cutlass as Captain Snowdrop’s crew go in search of treasure and discover that the real diamonds are hidden beneath their feet.








Here’s a spooky new song for kids!

Watch only if you DARE!!!







Here is the song from the GoodieBook story “Farmer Bump is a Terrible Grump”







Here’s Vince the Vegetarian Veggie Grower’s song about a brave little bumblebee called Bridget from the GoodieBook story “The Great Pumpkin Puzzle”.








Dragonfly Song

This a storysong to readalong about a hyperactive little dragonfly who has a very sweet tooth.

Song by Jim Cullinane, sung by Ishbel Cullinane – enjoy!








Hugo’s Gift is a heart-warming and funny story for children all about Mothers Day, where Hugo finally discovers that the best gifts may not come from the shops. With the sweet song, “More Like My Mum,” Hugo’s Gift is available as an interactive eBook with sound effects, videos and activities to entertain and engage young children.






Mr BlingMr Bling likes buying new and shiny things, but does all this new stuff really make him happy?
It’s a short and sweet storysong for children aged 4-9, friendly and fun, with a catchy tune to hook children into reading along.







Here is our new Christmas song called Santa’s Hat.

<< click on Santa to visit his page and learn all about his missing hat!







HH BB cover

Join in the irreverent fun with Horsey Horse as he gallops around searching for adventure. Horsey Horse is a delightful enhanced eBook for children complete with songs, some rude sound effects and a music video to entertain and engage young readers.






Pumpkin Puzzle Cover


It’s nearly the Yumbleton Village Great Organic Vegetable Growing Competition and there’s some very strange comings and goings in Vince the Vegetarian Veggie Grower’s pumpkin patch. It’s a funny and sweet story about friendship, competition, pumpkins, bumblebees and hay-fever. It also features Vince’s catchy pop song Little Bumblebee that’s sure to get everybody buzzing along.





GndKate the kiwi lives her life on the forest floor in New Zealand.

She is desperate to fly like other birds, but as everyone knows, “kiwis can’t fly”.

However, one day a sneaky galah promises to give Kate flying lessons if she pays him in huhu grubs – the tastiest treat in the whole forest.

On the way, Kate learns a whole lot about flying, friendship, diversity, sustainability and of course… gravity.

It’s a funny, sweet little story full of interactive features, including Kate’s song “Someday (I’m gonna fly)” .

As an easy chapter book, Grounded is perfect for a read-along shared book in the classroom or at home.




Vege Out iBook Trailer


Vince the Vegetarian Veggie grower takes you on a crazy, whirlwind tour of his favourite fruit and vegetables. His song, Vege Out is fantastic introduction to nutrition and it makes a great starter for learning about healthy eating for children.






Alphabet Stew2


Alphabet Stu likes Alphabet Stew! At last a home grown, New Zealand alphabet song with a proper “zed” ending! The kids love drumming between the verses too!





Roll 1


Roll With It is about how well children were coping with the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011. The way they would just turn up at school and get on with learning and living was an inspiration to many of us adults, so I asked them for ideas for the song. Many of the lyrics were suggested by the kids themselves and we all learned and recorded the song in just four weeks in November 2011.




bee your


A self-important and snooty sea bird gets brought down to earth by two humble bees. Bee Yourself is a sweet little tale about relating to others and features a catchy song and video, sound effects and lots of other hands-on activities for children.






Concrete 1 copy


Winston goes behind the scenes to learn more about concrete, an everyday material we all take for granted. From mixing up the concrete at the plant through to laying the foundations for a new house, there’s more to concrete than Winston thought.